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now i HAVE to post more

Mon Apr 1, 2013, 2:31 PM

Just found out my one of my favorite editors, Ben Abernathy :iconben-abernathy: just joined deviantArt! the short history of us? he was the editor behind my FIRST project with DC back in 2000 even though i did not know it! When i landed the Wildcats Version 3.o, he took over as my editor and guided me thru the years- putting me on covers and allowing me to really try different things, explore design and try painting covers for monthly books.

Id' say without him taking the chance on me, i'd never have gotten this far in my career, and pushing the portfolio i have today with all the things i can provide. Editors like these are what the industry needs more of. Editors to guide talent and give them opportunities to better themselves, and in turn- hopefully introduce new things to the medium, not tell them what to do to just please the bigger man in charge. Our last project together was Justice League Beyond in which we worked together to develop a better way to create comics that are created to BE read digitally, not just scanned in old comics chopped up. Today, he's the Editorial Director at Madefire and kicking much ass. Really hoping to work with the man again soon.

if you got the time, please drop by his page :iconben-abernathy: and say hey for me yeah?

thanks party people.

Hey everyone, WonderCon is this weekend in my backyard at the Anaheim Convention center! My horrible work schedule kept me from setting up in artist alley this year, but you can still catch me at one of the times below to get your books signed and headskectches.. sketched. I'm excited as this will be my first time in almost 8 years doing a convention where i'm NOT working :D
Means i can actually visit my artist pals, check out panels, and even walk the floor and discover new and exciting things. maybe!

Friday 3/29
Saturday 3/30
1-2pm SIGNING my favorite local art store is settin up at the show!
Art Supply Warehouse BOOTH 1247
( probably the best time/place to come get a free sketch)
Sunday 3/31
1-2pm PANEL (DC Entertainment All Access Room 300AB)


Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:49 PM

I wanted to thank the online community for helping spread the word of our Lil Gothams book last week. With the help of Tumblr,Twitter, Deviant Art, Facebook, and whatever other social network outlets there were, we were able to give the book the launch we needed to prove that a book like this can work. By Friday morning last week, just two days after we launched, Batman: Lil Gotham was on the top ten selling list of over 12 countries… , and was the top downloaded book from DC Digital. That's not a huge deal if you're any mainstream book, but for our title- i feel that's a huge step towards something that can be great.

So thank you everyone- from the casual readers, to the die hard core batman fans, anyone that's never given digital comics a chance until now, and anyone that's ever commented, mentioned, and supported my work. Your support is very, truly, appreciated.

Thank you,


anyone know of a deviant app or something for mobile uploading using android?
according to what it says on my dA title bar, this is my 6th year with deviant art- time freakin FLIES.

gettin ready for a HUGE announcement next week though :D kick off this holiday season RIGHT.
hey gang, if you're coming to New York Comic-con this weekend, you can hunt me down at either my artist alley table ( H1… ) or at the DC booth signing and doing some sketching at these times-

Friday 10/12- 6-7pm SIGNING (DCE Booth #1238)

Sunday 10/14- 12:30-1:30pm SIGNING (DCE Booth #1238)

Also, i'll be doing two panels on Saturday and Sunday -

Saturday 10/13- 4-5pm Vertigo: A View from the Cutting Edge of Comics Room 1A23

Sunday 10/14- 2:30-3:30pmDrawingDC: Kids Edition Room 1A06

as usual, I'll have plenty of prints, a NEW 2012 sketchbook, and original art up for sale, and as usual, headsketches are free with any purchase :D

see yah soon!
time to get back to deviant art!
hey gangsters, a buddy of mine is looking for a concept designer for their upcoming stop motion feature over at Starburns. here's the info i'm passing along for anyone interested ( i am not involved with the company, so if you have any questions, please direct to Rosa Tran herself)-

*Looking for Character Designer for upcoming high profile stop motion feature, Anomalisa. Working with Starburns Team to create photo realistic designs. Designers must work in house. A background in Stop Motion is a plus but not necessary. Please submit portfolios ASAP to *
hey gang, if you're in the area, i'll be in Atlanta this weekend for the DragonCon show. It'll be my first time at the show ever, and my first time back in Atlanta since 3rd grade, super excited.

I'll be in Artist Alley at TBL22 between my good pals Jonboy Meyers :iconjonboy007007: and Sunny Lee :iconsunny615: !

This is officially The Year Of the DragonCon.
i havent made a real journal entry in forever it feels like. mostly because i've been busy with work and life, so busy that honestly, i havent read comics in almost a year now.

BUT- recently i picked up Sean Murphy's :iconseangordonmurphy: Punk Rock Jesus… and was blown away and its pulled me back into reading, and not just creating comics (huge difference there). The last time i read a book where i felt the artist was in complete tune with the writing was Blade of The Immortal- Samura is probably my favorite writer/artist and BOTM is pretty much the perfect book in my eyes. And why wouldnt the art be in complete tune with the writing? its the same damn person. Books/people like these inspire- and are why i love comics and remain optimistic about the industry, it is the most complete and perfect way to tell a story, and it can all be done by one person ( well, one very talented and driven person and a small team of production geniuses that get the book marketed, published and on shelves).

anyway, from books like DKR and Blade of the Immortal, to Sweet Tooth and Punk Rock Jesus- here's to writing and drawing your own stuff. More of us that are capable and have the opportunity should be doing it. Not saying it'll be any good, but hey- you never know till you try.
hey cousins, apologies for the slow response to the last journal, i've been swamped with catch up work and deadlines since the returning from SDCC last week. But available now is my 2012 sketchbook titled Twenty Twelve new sketchbook! by duss005 are available for order online, please follow the link to place your orders-…

thanks ahead of time everyone and have a wonderful summer!
Hey everybuddy, so i THINK my schedule is a go for the SDCC show, here's where you can catch me with DC-

Thursday July 12
10-11am SIGNING (DCE Booth #1915)
5:45-6:45pm PANEL (Vertigo: A View from the Cutting Edge of Comics - Room 6DE0

Friday July 13
1:30-2pm  ART DEMONSTRATION (DCE Booth #1915 Stage)
2-3pm SIGNING (DCE Booth #1915)
3-4pm PANEL (Drawing DC - Room 11AB)

Saturday July 14
5-6pm SIGNING (DCE Booth #1915)

Sunday July 15
2-3pm PANEL (Drawing DC for Kids - Room 11AB)

when not there, i'll be over at my Artist Alley table ( that hasnt changed in over 4 years!) # FF-04 ( LIKE FANTASTIC FOUR)

i'll have prints, a brand spankin new sketchbook, and original art for sale. I'll post another post later i think with details on prints and sketchbook and stuuuufffs like that.

be swell!
man, i leave for a little bit, come back and everyone's got new avatars and names, its like meeting folks at a convention where you've no idea who they are until you see their work!
not a real update, but wanted to share my page on tumblr-

have a great one everybuddy :^D
for anyone out in the Phoenix, AZ area, i'll be at All About Books and Comics… tomorrow ( the 5th) for Free Comic Book Day, signing comics and hopefully do some headsketches for folks that visit. Swing by!

If not, we can catch up the Saturday after that, i'll be at the Long Beach Comic Expo… , its a one day event,cozy and lots of fun- just the most relaxed atmosphere you can imagine for a comic convention.

have a great weekend everyone.
hey folks, im helping out a close friend reach out and find an artist for his new book. Of course, i asked to stay out of your biznizes, so instead asked him to write up a descript for himself and the book so you guys can work it out. here's his short pitch!-
Looking for an artist on a short (22 page) crime one-shot.  It's a neo-noir crime story set in Atlantic City and New York City.  It's going to be a contrast of shadows and bright casino lights.  No capes, no costumes, no superheroics, but one superpower.  The book hinges on atmosphere and mood, not detailed cityscapes of the Avengers fighting Ultron over Manhattan.  Looking for an artist to co-own the property and get paid on the back end.

About me... I've written for Marvel, DC, Image, Dynamite, and Disney.  I've won the Xeric grant for self-publishing and the Bram Stoker Award for horror writing.  And I've known Dustin for 14 years.  :)  Contact me at - Jai Nitz

Go forth if you're interested! Please direct all questions to Jai in the above email. thanks!

so kickstarter's all the rage these days and im all in for supporting creators when i can. a friend of a really close friend of mine is producing an insanely great game and i wanted to support them. If anyone out there's able to pledge, that'd help out a lot- hell, $10 bucks and you've already pre-ordered the game. check it out here-…

thanks everyone!

and now the Seattle ECCC show!

Wed Mar 28, 2012, 4:45 PM
Hey gang, so next up is the Emerald City Comic Con show in Seattle , hands down- my favorite show, i love the area, i love the fans,  i love the people that run it, i love everything about that show.

here's my DC events schedule for the weekend, besides the times below, you can always find me in Artist Alley ( table D-12) outside of those things. See yah soon! travel safe, stay dry!

Friday 3/30

4-5pm  PANEL (DC ALL ACCESS – Room 4C1-2)

Saturday 3/31

12-1 pm SIGNING (DC Entertainment booth #602)

Saturday 3/31

1-2pm PANEL (Vertigo: New Blood – Room 3AB)

starting a page

Tue Mar 20, 2012, 1:09 PM
i did a panel at wondercon over the weekend about "Drawing Comics" and one of the questions from the audience was " how do you over the fear ( or anxiety) of starting a page and taking it to finish from blank. I remember answering something like " having a deadline makes you have to, also it being your job, bills, and such"- something like that. Although half jokingly, those things are definitely true.  But i think maybe they wanted a more creative response.

in any case, one way is to learn about your characters on the page, understand them, understand their surroundings, and then connect the two. having a good understanding of where your characters are positioned in their setting will definitely makes it easier to move then around and tell a story.

anyway, just figured i'd put that out there.

Next stop-
Emerald City Comicon -…

10 days and counting, have a great one everybuddy.

back from WonderCon and just had to say that outside of the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE parking situation they have going on there( it took me 2hours to get parking- i dont even have that problem at COMICON. wtf people? ), it was overall an amazing show. I've never done a wondercon show before because it was up north and always ran into the same month as Emerald City, which is hands down my favorite show that cant be missed. But this year, it was in Anaheim and literally about 10 miles from my house.

Thank you everyone who stopped by with a copy of Batman Beyond Unlimted to have signed handy, that book has been a long labor of love and i am glad that i'ts finally arrived in stores. Hang on to those btw, because we completely sold out (3 days after launch i might add) and is now going onto a 2nd printing.

I also cant thank everyone that stopped and grabbed some prints and original art,  enough. i really do appreciate the support and really sorry to the many that thought i'd have a new sketchbook ready by the show. I am horribly behind on work stuff, and havent had much time to put together a proper book yet. but hopefully this year by SDCC.

highlights of the show? besides the all the amazing talent i got to catch up with and wonderfully nice readers that enjoyed the books, my personal favorite was being able to take a few minutes to catch up with a few of my good friends i NEVER get to see.

two i had to seek out was my first friends in comics, my buddy Rubin Martinez :iconrm73: from Mattel. We started at Stanlee Media together like 13 years ago. still one of the most prolific guys around, and just amazing. guy just inspires me to be creative and eventually ween off the Gotham love. As much as i LOVE Gotham city, this guy makes me want to do something else, he explains everything in a way thats fun and enthusiastic. Also being we both have kids of similar ages, so i'd like to think i see eye to eye with him on reasons why we do what we do. just overall a delightful guy to be around. you guys  should definitely check his stuff out. I'll still do Gotham stuff though, i love that shit.

the other delight of my show was Josh Middleton and his wonderful wife. I've known him for years, but we rarely keep in touch much. If he has a twitter, i dont know it, he doesnt seem to have a facebook so i can never keep up, and im not one to call or text people to just " catch up" ( thats jsut me). so it was how i spent the few free minutes at the show floor. such a great guy, amazingly humble artist that's the least attention hungry you'd ever meet. He's one of those guys that just loves drawing, and that's all that matters and you can tell in every line he puts down. If you're as excited about AVATAR: Legend of KORA as i am, you'd be happy to know that he had a hand in the project. Cant wait for that show.

To top it all off, i got a few minutes to meet :iconcheeks-74: Sean's brand spankin new baby boy, 4 minute conversations with Johnboy :iconjonboy007007:, Ryan :iconryanbnjmn:, RC :iconinneryoung:, Christina :iconceeceeluvins:, Axel :iconaxel13-gallery: and Eric :iconericcanete: . Then ended the night having a great time with the my buddies Bobby, Kei, and Peter :iconchanpart: over at Imaginism  :iconimaginism:, Jason :iconjasonhohoho:, Alvin :iconalvinlee:, and Peter:iconpeter-v-nguyen:.

good times.

anyway, enough group hugs. i think thats the most avatar posting ive ever done in any of my journals. Hope to see some of you folks in Seattle in 2 weeks for the Emerald city show!