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most annoying comments when you do a group shot ? 

292 deviants said "where's _________________?" ( fill in blank with that one character you dont care about and left out on purpose)
217 deviants said "where's deadpool?"
200 deviants said "can you do this with all MY favorite characters?"
116 deviants said "wow, no love for ___________?"( fill in blank with a character you've never even heard of)
115 deviants said "you need to do a __________ version of this." (fill in blank with some backwards-ass version of the one you jsut did)
96 deviants said "that's not the costume i like"
90 deviants said "this offends me as a female"
61 deviants said "can you name them ALL for me?"
17 deviants said "this offends me as a male"

Devious Comments

What? No love for Deadpool?
DeanGrayson Sep 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
"You shuld drawz mah favurit characers next!" Hands down. >.>
I get this comment more often than most, so it's just that much more annoying.
Sure, I'll draw all of your favorite characters for free. When the ground grows cold beneath my feet.
Spacefriend-KRUNK Sep 2, 2011  Professional Artist
that's why i never draw things for people. not even myself....
you selfish fiend
SeanMcFarland Sep 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm a big fan of your group shots. Each new character is like a little gift, so it's a little surprising you would get any of these comments.

Also, I am thinking some folks are having uncomfortable realizations about their past comments.
its a half joke because i make those comments too :D
I'd really have to go with "all of the above", but if I had to choose one, it's "this offends me as a female". Newsflash, people: to look like Batman, you'd have to spend all day at the gym, watch your diet 24/7 and take steroids until your balls rot off. How is that a "healthy body image"? And how are full-body spandex suits on men somehow less "demeaning" than on women? Aghaghaghaghagh.
a close one is " this is demeaning to kids"
I don't even want to know what that gets said about...
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