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first place you'd search to find artists at shows? 

430 deviants said visit artist alley because you'll need to go there anyway
385 deviants said plan ahead and see if they have their own booth
138 deviants said screw them all, artists should be looking for me dammit.
121 deviants said publisher's booth ( DC, Marvel, Darkhorse, etc) since they give out free goodies there.
68 deviants said bar in the hotel lobby after 9 because you'll need a drink anyway
26 deviants said food court at the downtown mall since it's less crowded there.

Devious Comments

nathanobrien Jul 13, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey Dustin, what's your artist alley table # ?
ashigaru Jul 13, 2009  Professional General Artist
Well, I'll see you in Artist's Alley, probably at the Drink & Draw, and maybe elsewhere. So yeah... hunt me down, man!
Stigmartyr762 Jul 13, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
Plan ahead and then walk through artist alley towing a cooler full of beer.
Okay, I'm guilty of the sin of just going to the artist I like.

People should walk around artist ally and just check out peoples work instead of just hunting down the artists they like.

For next Wonder Con I'm doing this. I'm just sick of the artist who get mad at you when you don't buy anything. Well when I bump into those guys, I'm just going to walk away.
KamiNoShi Jul 13, 2009  Professional General Artist
I spend most of my time in artist alley anyways, so i usually just see where everyone is located at beforehand.
AllisonSohn Jul 13, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
i think we should just hire out a bar and MAKE it be the artists' alley.
I say we make it YOUR room since you never leave it! :-) *smoochies*
AllisonSohn Jul 13, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
what hotel are you guys at? Maybe we could grab a breakfast together.
We're at a B&B by Balboa Park. With two of Linda's kids it made more sense economically.
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