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for comic folks- "the page is done when-" 

514 deviants said the page tells me i'm done. thats when i'm done. you're done. i'm done. it's done.
329 deviants said every last detail is in place and i am completely satisfied. including all nipple highlights on the spandex.
260 deviants said i cant stand looking at it anymore.
100 deviants said it's never done because i'll redraw it again after it publishes 3months from now.
89 deviants said when realize i am going broke working on 10 pages for 3 months.
67 deviants said when fedex comes knocking at the door.
52 deviants said wtf is a page? you mean file?
40 deviants said when it's been a "day"
20 deviants said when i carve in the paper with that borderline and there's no going back.
4 deviants said i've posted about 9 "work in progress" steps on dA and have gotten enough pageviews and approvals from my watchers.

Devious Comments

when someone tells you to stop?
I said "when the piece says it's done" only because there wasn't an option for "When my live-in partner says 'Don't do anything else on it, you'll ruin it!'"
DotWork-Studio Sep 7, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
chooses the 3rd option because it really means when i say its done, it means its done. and i'll always work to my best, I'm no slacker XD. yeah... i know, but really, am pushing myself
davidlafuente Sep 7, 2009
very interesting poll, Dustin. I'm of the opinion that a page is done when you feel it's done... but since the scripts are always significantly different, sometimes "done" would be after four days of rendering in a single page. which is pointless in terms of story-telling, tiring and not great money wise.
I try to think that the page is done when the storytelling works and the level of rendering is cool enough, but more importantly coherent with the rest of the pages.
MatiasSoto Sep 7, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Un punto muy interesante, a proposito felicitaciones por el trabajo en Ultimate Comics Spiderman!
davidlafuente Sep 11, 2009
creo que es un rollo instintivo, pero relacionado con fechas de entregas... delicado, en fin.
muchas gracias, Matias, me alegro de que te guste el Spidey
Zabalou Sep 7, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh you have to add : 'i'm not a professional artist, when i draw it's seems the same old drawing that when i was 5, but yeah i wanna help you answering this anyway, my help will be helpfull !'

Sorry for that ;)
Love your work anyway, reading you gave me pleasure, thanks for that.
hah, it doesnt have to be a pro question, its for anything drawn really.
STEWNAMI Sep 7, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
I'm not one of you fancy comic makin folks, but if it were me, I'm sure that it would be done when my boss is yellin at me that they need it! HAHA
serious right? its the same no matter what industry you're in. fedex is my boss.
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